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Australia standard LVL beam different treatement

Australia standard LVL beam is be used to buliding house,so LVL need have test report AS/NZS4357.0 and treatment.

According to Australian Standard AS/NZS1604 parts 1 to 5, any product claiming to be preservative treated must be branded as specified in the standard. An important part of the brand is the Hazard Class, which indicates the service conditions to which the product is exposed and the level of treatment or level of protection that must be applied to the wood.  

Hazard Class :H1,H2,H2S,H2F

Exposure :Inside, above ground

Service condition:Completely protected from the weather, well ventilated and protected from termites,Protected from wetting, no leaching.  

Hazard:Borers and termites  

so LVL beam need H2 treatment.