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How to improve the cracking of plywood

Through analyzing and summarizing the causes of plywood cracking, it is an important way to keep the relative stability of wood moisture content and reduce the internal stress of wood.

Because of the great change of outdoor wood environment, the moisture content of the environment can not be controlled, only the actual contact between wood and water can be reduced. For example, paint on the surface of wood to reduce the contact between wood and water; in addition, waterproof agent can be used to treat wood to reduce the water absorption of wood. In addition, in a stable environment, wood drying, in the process of drying slowly release some of the internal stress of wood, to some extent, can also reduce cracking.

Each kind of wood has its different properties, so it can not be completely unified by technology. Therefore, in the process of plywood processing and use, we should face up to this kind of plate cracking phenomenon.